KHFF 8 Awards

Knoxville Horror Film Fest wrapped up yesterday and we’re very happy to say it was our most highly attended year yet. 8 years ago we never thought we would be saying 8 years ago, but here we are and we’re very proud of our little fest and grateful for all of those who have supported us over the years. We want to thank everyone that came out to watch movies with us and express our gratitude to the wonderful friends & volunteers who make this possible, including our judges Jenny Barton, Will Meyer, Rebekah McKendry, Elric Kane, Brian Lonano and Logan Myers.

We had a great lineup this year and here are the winners of the 2016 Knoxville Horror Film Festival:

Special Jury Prize for “Emerging Vision” – Beyond the Gates
Special Jury Prize for “Most Frightening” – Fabien Delage’ La Rage du Démon
Best Actress – Angela Trimbur in Trash Fire
Best Actor – Michael St. Michaels in The Greasy Strangler
Best Director – Bobby Miller for The Master Cleanse – A Film by Bobby Miller
Audience Award – Ricky Bates‘ Trash Fire
Palm d’Gore (Best Feature Film) – Trash Fire

Special Jury Prize for “Most Evil Inanimate Object” – Cauchemar Capitonné and Death Metal
Weirdest Film – When Susurrus Stirs by Anthony Cousins
Funniest Film – Death Metal by Chris McInroy
Scariest Film – Cauchemar Capitonné
Best Scenario – Curve by Tim Egan
Best Performance – Najarra Townsend in The Stylist
Best Director – Pierre Teulières for Le Plan
Audience Award – Curve
Palm d’Gore (Best Short Film) – The Call of Charlie by Nick Spooner

Audience Award (Regional Short) – Bobby McGee, Ghost Hunter
Best Regional Short Film – Bobby McGee, Ghost Hunter

Special Jury Prize for “Most Unusual Film” – Toothless (There’s Something Wrong With The Power)
Special KHFF Organizers’ Prize For Nailing It – Operation (Iron Swann)
Best Title – My Best Friend’s Husband And My Ex Diddled My Stepdaughter (Team Honey Cat)
Best Narration – Punk Rock Flop House Massacre (Bottomless Pit)
Best Performance – The ensemble in Teen Immortals vs The Nephilim (Fig City)
Most Likely To Cause Protests – My Best Friend’s Husband And My Ex Diddled My Stepdaughter (Team Honey Cat)
Movie We’d Most Like To See – Teen Immortals Vs The Nephilim
Audience Award – Teen Immortals vs The Nephilim (Fig City)
Grand Prize – The Two Sides of the Red Curtain (Skitchbook & Flashpoint Creative)

William Mahaffey


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